so i decided to tell my mom about seeing an actual therapist and using our health insurance for it and i got just exactly the response i expected and now my entire family isn’t speaking to me because i am seeking help for myself for problems they had a huge part in causing tbh but that apparently “don’t exist” and this is wasting money. 

money > my wellbeing 

so once again, i am shown that my family 

  1. 1. is extremely ignorant
  2. 2. unsupportive as per usual
  3. 3. only concerned about vapid shit 

March 16 | 3:15 | 62♥
  1. bitchin-but-not-a-bitch said: I am truly sorry that you are going through such a hard period in your life and that your family is not supporting! I feel like they need to be educated on the matter, because mental problems are as important as any other illness!
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  3. violetforqueen said: I went through a similar situation a long time ago, but my family eventually came around - much more than I ever expected them to. I’m hopeful that you have a similar outcome as I did, and even if not, I’m glad you have other supporters (Chris,etc.).
  4. 4lexander said: I got diagnosed with ADD in college. A 2 years later I told my parents how I see a therapist twice a year as required by my health care insurance. Till this day my mother acts as if we never had that conversation and I’m perfectly fine, not crazy.
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  6. saintkimjong-il said: Do what you need for yourself, which I’m sure you already know. Family is forever, but you need to do you.
  7. pictures-facing-down said: Just remember that you have a lot of people that are here for you and here comes the cliche: it gets better. <33
  8. letrevolutionbetheresolution said: I’ll never understand how people don’t realize that mental and physical health are equally important because they go hand and hand. Seek help regardless, Rachel! Hopefully your family will come around.
  9. cawowinnose said: I hope you can still get the help you need. I’m sorry that your given family is being unsupportive, but I’m happy that you have the support of others around you.
  10. katiejanekaboom said: i think parents get mad because they don’t want to feel like they are the reason why you’re going to therapy. at least that’s how it was for my mom. she didn’t want to hear about how it was helping me but she’s warming up. it pisses me off though.
  11. emnabi said: :(
  12. queenofthewest said: I wish mental health was seen as just as important as physical health. I wish we could the amount of wealth that goes into the weight loss/”health” industry into mental health awareness and services. then you wouldn’t have to go through this problem.
  13. westcoastfrustrations said: I’m sorry dear :( you really didn’t deserve that type of response
  14. golded-youth said: I’m so sorry Rachel! I hope they finally understand and see your side! We love you!