question tuesday:

when was the last time you ate spinach?

August 28 | 8:47 | 94♥
  1. vixies-fantasy answered: like 2 days ago, I always have in pasta or a salad.
  2. infatuatedwithwhat answered: today
  3. jestemdziwna answered: about 3 months ago
  4. willyoubemyconstant answered: the other week in a healthy choice meal. not as bad as i thought it would be
  5. youkeepmenexttoyou answered: like a week ago, i love spinach :)
  6. rebecca-jennie answered: yesterday!
  7. stuchains answered: yesterday!
  8. oliverkellysempre answered: today
  9. cantaloupe-diblets answered: like two months ago…
  10. cock-blocked answered: ten minutes ago
  11. kafryn answered: Fairly recently in a salad. I put it in smoothies a lot too though.
  12. softball36xx answered: spinach tastes like shit. it dont eat it.
  13. checkachelli answered: Like 2 weeks ago. Love it!
  14. justus-chan answered: this morning
  15. poshcountryclub answered: never in my life
  16. apriellaa answered: friday, in that roasted tomato and mozzarella sandwhich from starbucks!
  17. 0tiosely answered: yesterday lol
  18. shehadnothingfiguredout answered: yesterday, in this calzone thing. it was disgusting.
  19. lilaanne answered: i’m eating it right now :))))) spinach is life
  20. sweetmydear answered: Like 2 weeks ago at applebees. I only like it slightly cooked with pasta
  21. mindsatellites answered: Earlier this week. I put it in smoothies, which sounds disgusting, but is surprising delightful.
  22. undercurrentsofpossibility answered: today!
  23. munchkinpower answered: yesterday.
  24. alittleawesome answered: The last time I thought it was lettuce in a salad.
  25. sveitinmillisolkerfa answered: Today. I always eat spinach.
  26. landofthehavenots answered: idk if this counts but I had spinach dip like two weeks ago? Love that shit.
  27. cuethepulse-tobegin answered: I had to answer this through your ask. It wouldn’t fit on here…
  28. alexisnadina answered: today
  29. acasualtyofsociety answered: It’s been like three months. Because I do not like it, and every so often I try it again… to prove I do not like it.
  30. seagreenseeeblue answered: yesterday! I had it on a ham sandwich :) I love spinach.
  31. aneongirl said: Last night
  32. 2daysafter answered: never ago
  33. witchygecko answered: lol today in a salad it was delicious :)
  34. babymelry answered: a few days ago in a pasta
  35. thesegreatandterriblemoments answered: I like this! Hm.. maybe a few weeks ago?
  36. complicatedspace answered: I actually don’t remember the last time I’ve had it. It’s been a couple of months at least.
  37. shaynaroar answered: yesterday. I eat it nearly everyday.
  38. nastee-habits answered: yesterday, I had some pesto and spinach sauce on pasta.
  39. amarisea answered: a few weeks ago I had a spinach and cheese faux chicken fillet thing because I’m vegetarian, it was so delicious
  40. mybedcreaks answered: Like 5 minutes ago
  41. cynthiaofthecoven answered: Less than two hours ago in a lasagna.
  42. lilyofthetrap answered: 3 hours ago :o
  43. zziptart answered: an hour ago.smoothie-fied with a bunch of fruits to make it go down easier lol
  44. thebrittatimeline answered: last night
  45. enialehgielah answered: today, my mom made awesome fucking awesome stew with chicken, spinach, and potatoes
  46. misformazing answered: omfg.. like MONTHS ago. Probably not since April or May.
  47. just-misguided-ghostss replied:
  48. katiejanekaboom answered: two days ago
  49. yourmomismymom answered: umm why would this even be an interesting question xD LAST WEEK WHAT IS UP