“to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
alexoconnor: i would do anything for you to post a picture of you in middle school

earliest I have is ninth grade which was still in middle school for me 

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  1. tendernessandgrace314 said: Aww you look SO adorable! :)
  2. rel-right said: so essentially you’ve been pretty forever. haha no awkward stage? haha
  3. pixie-poison said: omg so cute! :D
  4. joyfuljenny said: omg you look so pretty, haven’t changed much, love that hair color on you! :)
  5. evilkanyevil said: oh my god why do you look so cute.
  6. cindarrella said: omg I hate you rachel. I had a legit mullet ok.
  7. czesc said: Oh wow you look almost exactly the same. My pictures from ninth are awful -_-
  8. seewithextension said: you look so pretty!